Talking Healthy Beauty at the Healthy Beauty Project

Celebrity make up artist and healthy beauty enthusiast, Todra Payne, has been in the beauty industry for a over a decade now and wanted to create a more holistic approach to beauty by emphasizing that beauty comes in many different packages and encouraging the use of products with healthy ingredients b/c they are better for you and just as effective as the stuff on the mega store, department store and drugstore shelves. It's alarming what things companies throw into their products and how the FDA doesn't regulate this area of consumer products. Didn't know that? Please do your research. Your head may spin!

If you are into healthier beauty alternatives and a healthier concept of what beauty is (not the prepackaged Hollywood hype or video girls hype), then stop by, read the articles and join the Healthy Beauty Social network. The ladies on the forum share some great beauty tips and many healthy cosmetics lines like Priia and Sweet Libertine are members there so you can talk with the owners directly. I'm on there. I know we're inundated with forums now but if this is of interest to you, I'll see you over there!

CORRECTION: Ladies, Healthy Beauty Social is full social network; it is much more than a forum.

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Todra Payne said…
Thanks so much for the plug, girl. We're actually a full scale social network, just like Facebook. Not just a forum, so there's a little more to it and lots of opportunity to learn. Hope to see you ladies there. We'd love your input on natural hair, too!