Adventures in NYC: Teedra Moses at SOB's

Teedra Moses rocking it out at SOB's in NYC

Wednesday, October 12th, night me and some friends went to see Teedra Moses perform at SOB's. Teedra is one of my favorite music artists ever so I was really excited for this. I've loved her and her sound since Complex Simplicity back in '04. I made sure my camera was charged up and that my SDHC card close to empty. We were there right when the doors opened so we could secure our spots right at the stage.

She performed all the jams from Complex Simplicity all the way up to her latest mixtape that dropped this summer, Luxurious Undergrind. She looked effortlessly fierce in a tangerine colored, mini sheath; sparkly gold sandals and red lips. Teedra's an awesome performer, connected with her audience and sounds incredible live. I was right in the front and loved every minute of it. I know all the words to all Teedras songs and sang along (so much that I lost my voice!) so she sang in our direction a lot and she held my hand for a couple seconds. Teedra just rox. Her music speaks to me and real life things we as people/women go through. It's the way she expresses herself in her music too is how I express myself talking to people. I just love how she's classy and raw all at the same time. She's soooo talented.

Check out the video footage below I took of some of her performances for the night. Pictures coming soon!

I'm going to bed now. I'm still recovering from being out late for this concert- lost my voice and everything singing along to every song. Lol. It was well worth it and I'd lose my voice all over again. Well done Teedra! I'll always appreciate and love your music, you've had my support from day 1 and I'm still here! Mark my words that one day we will meet and I will get a pic with you. Maybe we'll even get to work together, I am a makeup artist afterall. Lol. :D


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