I Like The Damn Salon


I'm diggin the creativity the ladies of The Damn Salon have. I've got their theme song stuck in my head now too and their videos are quite entertaining. Those urban twists (seen in the picture above) look haute. I wanna do them but crochet them in instead. Stay tuned for how it comes out.

East Coast ladies, they'll be in (Washington) DC October 27th to the 31st for their Taste of Damn event. Watch the video below for more details.

Both videos from The Damn Salon


Arr said…
I hadn't ever heard of them. Loving the city twist look. The name of the salon is very catchy. Love the video too.
Balls Of Beauty said…
i've made my appt :) yaaay!! they were here for KBN's Natural is not a fad event woo hooo!! i cant wait to get my city twist done cuz they need to be permanently here in DC n make a killn!! there like kinky twist to the 10th power!!
Thanks for putting me on to them!!!

lynn said…
Im flying to Atlanta in Nov. I can't wait to get my urban twist. Those girls need to come to Chicago.