How Are Your Wearing Your Hair for Turkey Day?

July 2011: Twist Out (on damp hair)

Some may think this is silly but hey, it's the little things in life that get me excited, what can I say? So how are you all wearing your hair tomorrow? Out large and in charge? Basic bun? Twists? I'm bein nosy and wanna know.

I'm going to wear mine out in a flat twist bantu knot out like I did earlier this month again. That came out so nice and I have to look semi nice because you know folks be snapping pics and then tagging you on Facebook within hours of taking the pics. Smh. The world we live in, I tell ya.

 Let me start setting my hair for that right now. Click on the link above to see how I set my hair for this style. Tweek it how you like and give it a try if you like. I'm going to keep it covered in a nice scarf headwrap till closer to dinner time. It's gotta be fressssshhhhh.

Let me get off the computer and make myself productive in these next few hours. Sike. We already know that's not gonna happen right, right now. It's the thought that counts though. Lata kurlies!