The Modeling Project

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Is coming soon! As an artist, I'm always giving myself projects to do and finding various ways to cultivate art. I have my 365 Photo Project going on and now I want to add a Modeling Project. I'm not interested in becoming a super model but I'd like to learn the art of it. Not sure when I will start it just yet because, as always, I've got a million things going on. Or maybe I should just start it now because if I don't I may always find an excuse. Lol.

This should be fun. I'll share some of them here but you will be able to follow the whole project on my Tumblr.



Unknown said…
I know how you feel. I on the other hand love to do crafts and I am always coming up with new ideas for something. I would also love to "model" but like you said I don't want to be a super model, I would just like to do it for fun and to explore something new.