Music That Can Mac: J*Davey's Queen of Wonderland

Happy Friday Kurlies! I'm finally back in full health! I never went to a doctor but I think I had the flu.

I feel like I haven done a music feature in ages. Probably because I haven't. This month has been bananas. So ready for a break/vacation. In anticipation of J*Davey's New Designer Drug album release next Tuesday, I chose to jam to Queen of Wonderland. This song, Jack is talking about, basically, how she's sprung over a man. Soooo many of us chickies can relate to this song! Enjoy and have a great weekend.
Queen of Wonderland Ft. Thundercat by ILLAV8R

Regular posts coming back soon and I know I said it before but I will announce the winners for the giveaway this weekend. Sorry for the delay!