Who knew dirty hair could look kinda good? #teamdirtyhair Hahaha.

In this picture I hadn't washed my hair in almost a month. Yikes. While I don't think I will go this long between washes again, I can say that as my hair gets longer the longer my time in between washes becomes and me or my hair doesn't seem to mind it. As long as I keep it moisturized, stretched and manipulate/comb it minimally we are good to go. Shortly after taking this picture the dirty hair was washed. Much better now. :D


Unknown said…
I am the same way!! too I notice the same thing my hair grows out more when i dont wash it every week
Dani said…
haha! So cute! But yeah, it's weird sometimes how I know I need to wash my hair but it's just starting to settle into the "cute" look that I want! haha!
LOL I've been so on this team the last 3 weeks but changed it today :-)