Washing My Hair Less and Liking It

April 2011

If you've read my hair regimen under the My Regimen tab at the top of the page, then you'll notice that I say in it that I wash my hair every 1-2 weeks. This cold season so far though, I'm finding myself washing my hair less frequently. It's more like every 2-3 weeks pass before I wash it.

Why this longer period in between washes? There are two reasons:

1) Sheer Laziness
The longer my hair gets, the less bothered I wanna be with it and the less time I want to spend on it. My hair has been growing like a weed and with the added length, it's just a lot more of everything to do and more time. I wear up-do's that take 10 mins or less to create most of the time now that are protective yet grown-n-sexy and I go on about my business. I find myself not messing with my hair much outside of keeping it moisturized and tangle free.

2) It's Just Not Necessary
in this stage of my hair, at least. I'm finding that my hair doesn't need to be washed frequently and because washing highly textured hair, rather it's with shampoo or conditioner, is somewhat of a "traumatic" experience to our hair. My koily hair is more fragile than straight, wavy and looser curl textures so washing it less is making it less subject to protein loss and accelerated weathering.

Now because I am not washing it as much, I do have to make sure that I detangle my hair once a week. That is key for me. My hair let me know very early on if I was going to do this, it still needed a comb run through it from time to time or it would be fairy knot city. I'm not one of those no comb kind of gals. I have to help those shed hairs out or they will tangle on the rest of my hair and that's not the bizness. I'm always listening to my hair to adjust how I care for it accordingly and I hope you all do this too. It's key to your hair thriving.

There it is. At this point, I wash my hair about 2 times a month and it's working out. I'm sure once the weather warms up again, that I will go back to washing it every week but for now the less frequent washes are doing right by my hair.

Do you wash your hair less frequently in the cold months or in general?


Unknown said…
You should be happy I wish my hair grew fast!
Anonymous said…
Because I have fine hair, washing less works best for me. The older it is the fuller it looks!

vetty said…
I agree with anonymous. But I have dry scalp; do you have any suggestions of how to relieve that in between washes?
pulchri2dinous said…
I'm glad you've found what works for you and it's good to hear that your hair is growing so fast!

The winter has brought with it some scalp issues, so my hair has to be washed every few days. Since I hate detangling, I now wear my hair in twists or braids (without extensions) so that makes the washing so much easier.
pulchri2dinous said…
Forgot to add that your hair looks awesome and those earrings are gorgeous (I'm assuming you made them)!
Unknown said…
I am getting lazier however because I work out every day or at least 5days outta 6 I can't wash every two weeks as I would dream of because my hair just looks nastyy and is filthy :-(
Milan said…
Vetty: Have you tried oiling you scalp every couple days to alleviate dryness. THrough trial and error you could find an oil to help combat this. My scalp doesn't get dry much but sometimes it does and I use a little grapeseed oil and that works.

Pulchri2dinous: THank you! And you already know I made those earrings. ;D

Aurielie Auriel: Totally understandable! I'm sure if I exercised that much, I wouldn't be able to go so long between washes.

GigiCurls: Yep, that is also why I like extending my washes. :D
Tanya said…
I should wash my hair once every week but I don't. I leave it until it is really dirty. Your make-up looks lovely by the way.