Final Thoughts

Hi Kurlies! *waves*

It’s been a while since you have seen me in these parts. I hope you all are healthy, prospering and that your hair is growing long, strong and beautifully. I have been great, involved in some amazingly positive things and truly “living my life like it’s golden”, growing and changing for the better. I'm coming to realize that everything I want and need is already there for me and that the universe is working in my favor. I'm very thankful for it all and wish nothing but the same for all of you. If you’ve been following me on my creative blog then you know that I am very much still alive and on the thrive out chea.

When I left you all last, I said I was going to stay and re-vamp things here to grow with my new place in life. After more deep thought and reflection, I realized that I have moved on from writing on this space. I’m a Scorpio and live my life with passion and fervor so when I don’t love what I’m doing anymore, I know it’s time for me to let go so I can evolve to the next phase. I’ve got my creative lifestyle blog and I love it over there. It inspires me and gives me great joy every day and every day I stumble on inspiration and more light to breathe into it. I also started a photography blog to document my growth as a photographer and am loving it over there as well. I am at peace with the fact that my time here has successfully run its course so I can move on to greater things that I have been called to do. I’m so thankful for all the beautiful experiences that came with the love, time and creativity I put into this blog and the awesome people that I got to connect with because of it. I am so appreciative of it all because I can’t say without that I would be where I’m at in my life and thought processing today.

May 2012 Yay, I can get my hair in high buns now!
The site will continue to stay up so those new and old to the blog can read what is here; there is over 3 years of reading content and if I feel inspired, I may pop in and let you know what my hair is up to. Thank you to those that have reached out to me to check on me. I am doing just fine!:D I always appreciate your love and support.

My regimen is still the same and I still use the same products. Love my shower comb and/or Denman D31 for easy detangling, Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk is still my ride or die hair moisturizer and leave in and I still love and rock with my aloe honey conditioner and my homemade hair mud wash. I wear my hair up 90% of the time: up during the week and out on the weekends. Lately I’ve been addicted to wearing my hair in 2 flat twists pinned up and accessorizing with large hoop earrings. It’s an easy summer goddess look for me since I'm always on the go these days.

2 Flat Twists. Love how simple this style is.
I am in love with the banding method. It has done amazing things for my hair. It keeps my hair stretched beautifully without the help of any heat, helps it retain moisture better (some kind of way) and helps keep my hair from tangling on itself so I retain more of my length. It’s great. I love banding my twists for a super stretched and defined twist out. If I’m just keeping my hair stretched for the week to wear up-dos throughout, at night I will moisturize it, put my hair in 6 plaits and gather them all into one banded ponytail and cover with my satin hair sack. In the morning I wake up to soft and really stretched hair that I can style however I like.

I kept trying, over my years natural, to get my hair to come around to butters by trying different brands, homemade mixes and varying amounts but my hair just doesn't like them. I've realized that when my hair talks, I've got to listen. So I use natural hair gels (I plan to make my own flaxseed gel soon) with a medium  hold (with a moisturizer underneath so I don't have rock hard hair) to twist with or set my hair in styles and this works great for me.

May 2012 Banded, dry twist out. I loved this!

I now love twist outs over braid outs. They give my medium density hair a fuller look than braid outs do. I band my twists for stretched hair that a braid out would provide.

My hair in a stretched twist out or braid out is to my shoulders now. Woop woop! And when I pull my longest layer taut it reaches the base of my shoulder blades. Yay! Do we think I can make mid back by the end of the year? Me thinks so! I’m super excited. I’m reaching territory that I’ve never seen my hair grow to in life, it’s amazing. My ultimate goal is to have a braid out or twist out fall between shoulder length and arm pit length and each day of growth and retention puts me closer and closer to that.

I am approaching 3 ½ years natural and still have no urge to straighten. Love my koils!


The blogs, Youtube videos, hair meet ups and shows, etc were originally created to share information, not to sell you something every 5 minutes. They simply wanted to show how to care for and style hair in its afro textured state and how it could grow long and pretty like anyone else's. Natural hair isn’t about comparisons, the length, the fact that it’s “in” right now, the free products, the magic product that doesn't exist that will give you perfect curls, the Youtube or blogging “fame”, the hair shows and meetups, etc. It's  about you just rocking it as nature intended and being unapologetic about it. [Natural] hair really is a very small part of loving every aspect of yourself. To truly feel good takes more than just looking good, you've got to dig inside past the BSL afro. Your hair is only 1% of who you are and doesn't divulge everything you truly stand for as a person. You CANNOT tell a lot about a person by how they wear their hair. You can tell a lot about a person by their actions and what energy they emit into the universe. Rather you have kinky hair, straight hair, wavy hair, relaxed hair, chemically colored hair and or any other kind of hair in between, you are beautiful and can do and have whatever you want in this life if you truly, and with all your heart, believe it so and are thankful for what you already have and what you will receive. Whatever kind of hair you have can NEVER get in the way of that. :)

May 2012 Rockin a shrunken puff

Love you all and thank you for riding along this journey with me. Be blessed and stay naturally fly,




Kayla said…
Love this styling and the comprehensiveness of this post. Great to hear from you! ^_^
Anonymous said…
I love this post...I so feel you.
Anonymous said…
Great post!
Anonymous said…
Hello. Been following for a few months and you exude so much positive energy. Thank you and keep up the good work.
zashar said…
so beautiful style...