2013 Hair WorkOut Plan

So my basic work out plan for my hair this year is: leave it the hell alone. The Crown & Glory Method (utilizing twists) is in full affect and I've decided to make it a part of my lifestyle. My hair strands are fine, coily and frequent manipulation stunts it from reaching its full potential. If I want waist length hair, the key for me will be to preserve it better by leaving it alone 99% of the time. So far this year, I've been rocking the mess out of loose twists and I plan to keep rocking them consistently until the summer. I may take a couple breaks in between but even those will be protective styles like buns and up-do's.

What I'm Adding Back:

  • ACV Rinses
  • Monthly or bi-monthly henna glosses
  • my Homemade hair cleanser- started back again in November

What I'm Trying:

What I Started Trying the End of Last Year and is Working:

Do I plan to do the whole length checking thing? Maybe. I more than likely will just take some progress pictures between now and summer or take a starting picture and then a picture the start of the summer.

Do you have a workout plan for your hair? Do you plan to do anything different for 2013 to ensure you reach any hair goals that you've created for yourself?

Stay naturally fly,


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