Happy New Year!

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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I'm supre excited for 2013. I hope you all have been having a wonderful holiday season and are revved up to make 2013 better than 2012. I am pumped and ready to work SMART this year so that I will be more effective and have more time to relax yet make more money. My theme and mantra for 2013 is "work SMART". The 4-Hour Workweek has me pumped!

I said I would blog over the Holiday break and that SO didn't happen. I lugged my computer all the way to Cincinnati and never even took it out of the computer bag once! I just needed to recharge and I got to do that so I'm thankful for the break and the time spent with my family and good friends. Now it's time to let the 2013 adventures begin!


They are very simple: 

  1. Mid-back length when stretched- This is a hair length that I've never fully realized before and it's gonna happen this year. The longest my relaxed hair ever got to was B.ra S.trap L.ength and that was with me not knowing what I know now. I had achieved M.id B.ack L.ength this this year but I played around too much and had to trim hella knots and split ends out. It's all good though, I learned a lot last year. I know I can have it, I know what to do and I know I will achieve it this year.
  2. Bang section of hair to be, at least, chin length when in a twist out - Through observation, I have learned that I have to handle this area with more tenderness. Its strands are much finer and more susceptible to breakage than the rest of my hair (which is also composed of fine strands). I have to be extra gentle in order to retain length there.
  3. Henna and acv rinses a permanent fixture in my hair routine again- They gave me results. Should have never strayed! But we live and we learn. It's on like Donkey Kong this year on!
  4. Protective styles 95% of the time- My hair responds best when it's left alone. I have come to terms with the fact that I don't have tough or coarse [strands] hair. The strands are too fine for me to wear it out 24/7 and get no breakage or knots like some can and I'm ok with that fact. Realizing this, now I can focus my energy on styles that respect that and I can retain more, if not all, of my growth and length. 

I went astray, my 3rd year natural, from the things that worked so well for me my first and second year natural. Year 3 was an interesting one and it taught me that, "if it aint broke, don't try to fix it". So in this year 4 that I have entered (I celebrated 4 years on December 8th!), I am going to back to what works and I am also going to try some things that I think will help me reach these goals. I'll divulge what new things I will be trying and implementing into my routine to get me results in the next post.

What are your hair goals for 2013? Will you be doing anything different? Or sticking with what you know and works well for you?


Tamika said…
So you actually achieved "MBL" stretched hair, but you had to cut it? Where are the pics to showcase this because you hair looks exactly like it did before you left this blog. My goals this year are to make it to BSL curly and continue to go without heat. I'm already at APL so I think this is attainable. Happy new Year!
Milan said…
Hi Tamika: Happy New Year! In my hiatus, I didn't take any length shots of my hair so you will have to take my word for it or not. :) I have very coily hair so it shrinks and expands to various lengths on any given day. My hair in it's more kinky state is deceiving and not a judge of if it grew or not. It may often look the same length but when I pull it taught it is long/er. My loose twists pictured in the most recent post are on lightly blown out hair, my hair can be stretched longer than in my most recent picture.