Loose Twists- Another Round

Hey Kurlies. After three weeks, I finally took my loose twists down last weekend and since I really don't want to bother my hair this whole winter season, I put another set right back in. I want to keep them in for 4 weeks. I fully blew out my hair this time to see more length. I conditioned my hair with Yes to Cucumbers conditioner and sealed it with EVOO, cleansed with my homemade hair cleanser, did an ACV rinse and applied Earth's Nectar Conditioning Hair Cream to my hair once it was damp (not sopping wet). Then I blew my hair out in sections and twisted it up. Guys, I'm totally turned out by loose twists, they give me a fuller look and look better on me in my opinion. They also can be done quickly, it took me two hours to complete- that's the duration of a good Lifetime network movie. I will probably never do tight twists like I used to do [and all but hated] ever again.

So far, I've just been wearing them down and curled via flexi rods or pin curling them. Maintenance at night is super easy. If they feel dry I will apply some Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream, focusing on the ends, and either pin curl the twists in sections or roll them on flexi rods. It's much more pleasant sleeping on pin curls than flexi rods so I've been leaning towards them more as of late. I also have been applying Jamaican Black castor oil to my edges to fill them in some more every other night. Two weeks in, when my hair starts getting fuzzy, I am going to re-do the front so I can get an additional two weeks out of the set. I'm serious about leaving my hair be all winter..

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I bought a hair tool and/or accessory called Sprangz. I tried them out recently and will share my thoughts on them soon. I'm working on the post so be on the look out for it.

What have you been doing with your hair so far in the new year? Are you like me and utilizing healthy ways to not be bothered? Lol.


vetty said…
Can you explain the difference between loose twists and regular ones?
Milan said…
Hi Vetty, the difference between loose twists and regular twists is that loose twists are twisted VERY loosely on the hair. You'll notice that these twists in my hair are not very defined.