New Years Hair

What did you do for New Years? I went to my kurlfriend, Kat's family's New Years party. I wore my hair hair in loose twists to bring in the new year. I've been rocking this set, done on lightly blown out hair (I will fully blow out my hair next time), since the Sunday before Christmas. This was my first time doing loose twists and I love them. I didn't take many pics of them or the process because I wasn't sure how I would like them. Loose twists are a great styling option for us ladies with hair this isn't thick, like mine (I have medium density), or thin. It gives our twists more body and they don't look anorexic like if you twist tight. I will be taking them down this week so I can wash my hair and do them again. I will take more detailed pictures then so you can see them better.


Amma Mama said…
You ladies look fab and I love your necklace. On New Year's I went to church, brunch and then dinner. It was nice :-)
Milan said…
Hey Amma Mama:

Thanks dearie. My necklace is actually two necklaces that I layered. Sounds you like you had a refreshing New Year's. :D