Winter Hair Fun // Wet Sets

I have wet sets on the brain. I'm seriously contemplating wet setting my hair next after I take out my loose twists this upcoming weekend. The longer my hair gets the more I become about that less is more life. My hair responds eagerly to being left the hell alone; hairstyles that mind my ends and I can leave in uninterrupted for at least a week work wonders for me. In my relaxed days, I was able to maintain my length/growth to reach BSL wet setting exclusively.

They are easy to do, look great, last for at least a week doing little to nothing to them and look better and better as the set gets older; my favorite day of a wet set is usually the 3rd or 4th day when the curls have relaxed some and have more body. I do flexi rod sets the least on my hair but I like how pretty those kinds of sets come out so I may step out my comfort zone and experiment with them. Naptural85 has a great flexi rod how to video; so do Chary Jay (she twists her hair first and then rolls them on the flexis) and KaiRox146. I have always loved WestNDNBeauty's video sharing how she does her braid-n-curl wet sets. The latter is the direction that I think I'm headed in to try first.

Any of you into wet sets? What kinds do you do, prefer, "specialize" in?  


Cristine♥ said…
I love flexi rod sets! My hair is a little more curly than kinky, but it works on ALL my textures. If you go with the braid & curl first, that would be great! I do small-ish braids and leave about an inch out for the perm rods. Even if my roots are a little wet, the style comes out great!

ps - welcome back! :)