Community Leaders Icon // Brittani D. Chavious

I know I said in honor of Black History Month I would be highlighting black people in the present doing great things for our community until I realized that I celebrate our awesome culture and highlight our achievements every day of the year not just one month out of the year. I am introducing a new feature here: Community Leaders Icons. This feature will highlight people involved in community service projects and programs that help enhance the quality of life.

Kicking off this new feature is Brittani D. Chavious (pictured). This young lady has accomplished a lot in her short 25 years of living. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tennessee State University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Business Administration (concentration in Supply Chain Management). During her undergraduate studies, she was in the University Honors program and became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc (Alpha Chi chapter). Brittani is now in graduate school at Wake Forest University to obtain her Masters in Divinity and is a Wake Scholar. If that isn't enough, she is the Chief Visionary Officer of HerSpace, Inc. Last summer they kicked off their first annual Camp Wings program, a sleep away camp program that mentors young girls. I wanted to learn more about Camp Wings and what inspires her so I asked.

AGrlCanMAC: Please talk about your program Camp Wings is about and why you created it.

Brittani: Camp Wings was an answer to the question that we believe many young girls have today, "Why am I here?" This 7-day overnight camp experience is designed to provide young girls, ages 12-16, with an environment that allows them to discover their self-worth, build meaningful friendships, transform the way they see themselves and their future and learn to live healthier lives. We take ordinary camp activities such as horse back riding, zip lining, geo cashing and rock climbing and create extraordinary life-learning opportunities. We expose them to topics, situations and discussions that they otherwise might not experience. We make it real, we make it relevant and more importantly, we especially make it for her. We like to think of it as a tailor-made experience.

AGCM: How can people be involved in supporting Camp Wings?

Brittani: There are many ways that we encourage people to get involved:

  • Be an investHer -  If you want to financially sacrifice for the sake of a young girl whose name they may never know or face they may never see but whose potential they believe in, visit to become an investHer today!
  • Be a counselor - If you are passionate about leading young ladies through a 7-day overnight camp experience of discovery and growth, visit and consider becoming a part of our team!
  • Be a contributHer - If you have a business,  products, services, resources, and/or time that you would like to share with Camp Wings, please email us at to discuss in more detail.

AGCM: Name one black person, outside of your friends and family, who has inspired you and why

Brittani: One of my very first living examples and inspirations outside of my friends and family was the founder and principal of the school I attended from K-8th grade. It was not her achievements and accolades that most inspired me. Instead, it was the level of sacrifice and commitment she had to her students, her vision, and her purpose. It was more than a school; it was her life. She literally lived her life for something bigger than herself. That alone inspires me.

Are you or someone you know involved in your community and want to be featured? Please email with the subject Community Leaders Icon and provide a summary of what you or another does in service to others to be considered.