Fit & Fly at Home // Billy Blanks Tae Bo Cardio Explosion

 I prefer to workout at home because it saves me money (no monthly gym membership) and I am more focused-there are less distractions. If you are like this too then you will enjoy my new Fit & Fly at Home series I am rolling out on here. It will highlight all things around working out from home: different workout DVDs, exercise routines, equipment, etc.

When I was on my fitness P's and Q's, I loved Billy Blanks' Taebo workouts. All the previous ones I had though were when VHS was still poppin (eek!) so needless to say, I have to rebuild my Taebo collection. One of the workouts I kicked off rebuilding the collection with was the Billy Blanks Tae Bo Cardio Explosion workout.

For someone who had fallen off the wagon and was exercising sporadically all throughout 2012, I thought I was still in good shape. The first time I did this workout, I was struggling after 15 minutes in and there were 30 more to go until it ended. Now that I've done it a few times regularly (normally every Sunday morning), I'm getting my stamina back to where it used to be. My stamina has increased since that first time so now about 30 minutes in I start tiring out. It's a good total body cardio workout working the arms, legs, abs, glutes, etc. I like it. 

The intensity is high but I just take short water breaks when I need to, while the workout keeps going, and then I jump back in. If that's not enough, press pause whenever you like to take a breath. Is this Billy's most intense of workouts? I don't think so but it's no workout for slouches either. It will get you moving and your heart rate up. If you like kick boxing you will probably like Taebo workouts so keep that in mind with what kind of activities you like to do.

If you are new to exercising, you may not want to try this until you have increased your stamina/fitness level some. Remember, always consult with your general physician first before trying any new workout if you have concerns or questions. 

Stay fit & fly!


Jc said…
I love Tae Bo! I actually have an old DVD - Tae bo Live Workout, the future of fitness. I definitely think it is hard work but I love it and to be honest it is the most consistent thing I have done for years.