Fit & Fly // Making Fitness a LIFESTYLE

  As I continue on my grown n sexy journey, I am noticing that I have to put in effort to stay great. I HAVE to exercise now, whereas I didn't really have to before. I am no stranger to a fit lifestyle though, in my high school days I was a sprinter and high jumper on the track & field team and I also practiced Taekwondo. In my college years I danced, was on the Black Student Union step team and later my sorority's; Sigma Gamma Rho, step team and worked out at the campus gyms. Post college, I would go on exercise binges where I was consistent and good and then I would fall off for a bit and then a few months later get back and it was like I never left. I'd say after I turned 27, I noticed my metabolism changing slightly. While I am not overweight, I definitely can't eat whatever I want and not exercise for months at a time and not see the number on the scale increase or my energy decrease. Fitness has taken on a new meaning to me, I am no longer viewing it as a fun past time or activity as I did in my younger days. I now view fitness as a part of my lifestyle and not just a 6 months at a time roller coaster ride that I hop on and off of at will.

I slacked off big time last year when it came to exercising so I saw the the scale jump to a number I didn't like. I also saw my stomach was not as flat as it used to be. While I'm not overweight, I don't want to let negligence get me to that point either. Why not take preventative actions now while it's not a problem? I'm all about being proactive so I bought some workout DVD's and Pinterest has helped me create some great at home workout routines using nothing more than basic exercises like jumping jacks and resistance bands. I have a stability ball too that I will be using a lot more. You don't need a gym membership, personal trainer or fancy workout equipment to get started, I can't stand the gym and prefer working out at home or on the track.

Kettlebells are on my home fitness workout wish list.

I simply want to stay healthy, have more energy and have a bangin body to boot: toned body, shapely booty and my 4 pack abs back. I want to be my best self. I'm going to document my fitness journey on here and share routines I've tried and use, workout DVDs that I'm liking and anything else. I will share body shots so I can document my progress and talk about what I'm eating too. I already know that I've been consuming too much sugar as of late, I've got to pump the breaks on that so I stopped keeping the house stocked with sugary snacks, cookies or brownies. Now if I want something sweet, I drink some tea sweetened with 1 teaspoon of agave nectar. 

Are any of you finally making fitness your lifestyle and not just an "activity" too? What steps are you taking to be healthier? 


vetty said…
I'm trying my best to eat well. Carbs/ starchy foods have always been a problem for me because we are a family of rice & bread. Not sure yet how to balance that out properly. But with regards to exercise, I have to switch it up daily or else I'm more prone to fall off of the wagon.
Geri said…
I'm trying and failing, and trying again. I'm the same way- slim but it's definitely getting harder to maintain that. I HAVE to watch what I eat and exercise too, whereas back in the day, I didn't have to.