Fitness Inspiration: Angela Simmons

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As we prepare to gorge on fattening finger foods and snacks ala Super Bowl parties, I share with you one of my fitness inspirations. My fitness inspiration and fit physique twin is Angela Simmons. I have loved her personal style for quite some time now and I also love that she is about that fit & healthy life. I like her physique because it looks a lot like mine, it's not shredded, she just has a nicely toned and fit body which is how my body normally is. My stomach isn't as flat as it used to be and it is because I slacked off big time when in came to exercising last year so I am getting back into the groove (for GOOD this time) and her stomach is how mine used to be before the slacking off went down. I don't want to compete so there is no need for me to be super  muscular and ripped or have my body fat percentage really low. I just want to be healthy and keep everything tight and toned. No jigglin baby. ;)

I think it can be helpful to have someone who is your fitness/body inspiration because, it helps you to define what exactly you want and have a visual of it to keep you pumped and excited. The visual aid gets you to see what your body could look like if you focus and do what needs to be done to attain it. It's not a rule but try to pick someone who is similar in shape and height as you, this will make the vision feel more believable. If the person isn't similar enough, you may get discouraged and of course that may happen if they're body is totally different than yours. The goal is for your inspiration to feel attainable to you, you have to believe it and feel good about it so that you will have it.  It's good to look at your inspirations daily, if you can, because it will motivate you, keep you excited and attract the situations and actions you need to take to get there. Visualization and believing is powerful and will get you whatever you want.

Who is your fitness inspiration and why? What are your fitness and physique goals for this year?