Weavalicious // The Heat Free Hair Movement

I found out about Heat Free Hair on Instagram from My Natural Sistas. I checked out their site and love what they've got going on. Heat Free Hair is human hair in our afro textures for weaving. They have the For Kinks collection which resembles 4b-4c hair and the For Curls collection which resembles 3c-4a hair. This is totally exciting and monumental for us kinky haired ladies. Many of us love wearing weaves and wish we had the option to rock hair that more resembled ours, now we've got an option. What do you think? Will you weave enthusiasts give it a try? I love that this is a black owned business as well. Check out their vid below. I so want the model's earrings! (They are the Spaz hoop earrings by Beads by Aree and they are on my March wish list.)

Heat Free Hair Movement
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Instagram: Heat Free Hair


Glad to see you are back Milan (I named my niece that name!). anyhow, I just found outabout this yesterday from a friend, and I also was going to post but I still havent read a lot of reviews. Seems like it's a fairly new company so the verdict is still out. I'm just happy to see some really kinky hair--loved it on My Natural Sistas.
Vonn said…
I have been wanting a weave for quite some time now and seriously considered a curly weave. However, upon researching about the care/uptake needed I am a bit on the fence. I get weaves because I am too busy to do the detangling, so I need something to hold me over for a while. However, I've read that curly weaves require just as much as my natural hair! So, I'm not sure about this one. I am thinking about trying a curly wig... someday =)