Fitness // Black Girls Run and They Workout Too!

If you follow along on Instagram then you saw that last weekend, I got back into running. It felt so good and I am going to stick with it, I really am a runner at heart. It always helps me clear my mind, mull life altering decisions over, marvel at nature (I prefer to run outdoors) and keeps me at a healthy weight and my stomach flat. I'm even thinking of joining a running club soon.

I recently stumbled on a site called Black Girls Run and have fallen in love. I love seeing our community take charge of our well being and build our self esteem. This site encourages black girls and women to get into running and lead healthier lifestyles. The site talks health and nutrition, fitness and training tips, hair and beauty, etc- all the things that make us girls. Our women have high rates of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure and so many of this can be prevented just by leading more active lifestyles and eating healthier. Follow them on Instagram at @officialblackgirlsrun

Through Instagram I found out about Gymnetics Fitness, an Atlanta (GA) based mother & daughter fitness duo. The mother is 60 years old and she looks effin amazing! They hold group classes in Atlanta but if you don't live there you can get a taste of what their classes are like with their workout DVD called Black Girls Workout Too!. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of seeing our women being talked about so much in the media that 4 out of 5 of us are overweight and obese or that we're unhealthy, don't work out because we don't want to sweat out our hair, have high blood pressure, etc. It's time for us to do better. We know how to look good, we need to treat our bodies and insides with the same care and enthusiasm that we do planning our outfits to wear out and show off on Instagram and Facebook. I plan to show my support and purchase the BGWT DVD soon and I will definitely share my thoughts after I've tried it out a few times. Reviews have said that it's not too easy or too hard and yields great results if you give it a real go. Follow them on Instagram: Lana @lanagem and Ellen @vitaminellen

 Stay naturally fly and fit!