Mixtress Chronicles // How to Remove Hair Dye Without Bleach

I was at my cousin's house celebrating her son's 13th birthday (he thinks he is so cool and grown now. Lol.) and we started talking about coloring hair. My one cousin dyes her hair jet black but she wants to strip it so she can go lighter for spring/summer and said she saw a video on Youtube how to naturally lift hair dye from your hair using vitamin c powder and shampoo. I hadn't heard of this and she showed me a video by CoachByNicole, shared below, on how to do it. The girl's results weren't too shabby for not going to a salon to have it removed. I later found another video that ElektrikTV did on this tip too. This seems like a less harsh and less drying way to remove hair dye. It got me to thinking.... Late last November, I dyed my hair jet black and after seeing that vid, it's got me interested in trying it so I can dye my hair a lighter color. Want something warmer for the upcoming warm months. I'm thinking the bright auburn or dark auburn color from the new Shea Moisture color system.

 Please note a few things: 
  1. This young lady is NOT a licensed cosmetologist.
  2. This mixture WILL NOT lighten virgin hair- meaning it won't lighten hair that has never been colored.
  3. This mixture did NOT lighten her hair. It drastically faded/removed the [black] color that was on top of her hair. There is no bleach in this mixture so it will NOT lighten your hair past what is was before color was applied.  

Try this at your own discretion and know that results will vary. Some girls left comments on her video saying that it didn't work for them while other's left comments saying that it worked out famously for them. With anything new you try: use your common sense, trust your intuition and have an open mind. What do you think? Would you try it?