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I am apartment hunting. I know exactly what I want so I am going to use visualization to get it. The first step using visualization successfully to get you want you want is to know what you want. Be specific and detail oriented about what it is you want: color, size, quantity, etc. I mean get into the nitty gritty with what it is you want so there is no confusion.

I want a studio apartment around 500 sq ft (give or take), with hardwood floors, high ceilings and sunny windows- I want lots of natural light in my new space. $1000/month is my max rent (I don't want to spend more than this because I want to save up to buy something in a few years) and I want to pay no fee, meaning no fee charging brokers involved- all I will put down is the deposit. Any of you living outside of NYC may be experiencing sticker shock by that rent for a studio but, you must pay to play in the Big Apple. It's real out in these concrete jungle "skreets". This is normal and actually on the cheaper side for a studio in this town but they do exist and the Universe is working on it right now, thank you in advance. I have decided that I want to stay in the borough of Queens and I have a few desired neighborhood options that I would want this studio apartment that I am claiming to be in. Visualization, when paired with gratitude and you doing what you need to do, attracts what you want.

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So every day, until I secure this apartment, I am giving myself the project of visualizing the studio apartment that I described to you all at least once every day. For me, I will visualize it every night before bed most of the time but anytime that I have some free moments for my mind to wander, I will think about this space. I will research apartments, schedule appointments to view studios with the credentials I have specified and I will have what I want.

How do you visualize? If you have an imagination, this won't be very hard because you have probably done this before rather you were aware of it or not. If you haven't dusted off your imagination in a while, you can use visual aids to help you by creating a collage or vision board of the different elements that embody your specific want. Pinterest is a great, virtual resource for this. If you are more old fashioned, you can create a typical collage with poster board and cut outs from magazines, newspapers, books and other print work and put it up somewhere where you will see it/look at it every day.

Is there something you want? Have you tried visualization to achieve something? Share your visualization success stories if you have any.

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