4C Flyness // 4C Naturals on Youtube You Should Know About

These four channels shared below are some beautiful ladies that are on Youtube holding it down for the 4C naturals.  They are inspiring and they freely share styling and maintenance techniques that work for them that you can try.

This pretty lady has a fabulous head of hair and is not shy about sharing hair styling tutorials, products and techniques that work well for her as well as encouraging 4C naturals to accept what this type can and can't do and working with it to make you look your best.

I didn't know of this fly lady until recently and she shares some great information on what works for her hair texture.

She's been a favorite of mine for years now and I've literally watched her hair grow to very long lengths over the years through her videos. She has attributed her length retention success to leaving it alone and finding creative ways to wear protective styles that decrease manipulation and keep her ends tucked away.

I've had the pleasure of meeting this young lady in real life. She has wonderful energy and her videos do her hair no justice, it's just gorgeous. She has a boat load of hair and have developed some great techniques for getting her hair to thrive and retain length.

4C ladies, you have representation out there and if you feel like there needs to be more, consider doing videos. Just like you were once looking inspiration, there are others out there looking and maybe you can be of help to them.

Stay naturally fly.

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