Fine Strands, Medium to Low Density Naturals Checking In

     Many associate afro texture hair with being Chary Jay thick and with lots of body but there are some of us, myself included, that don't have big and thick hair. Our hair strands are very delicate and tangle and break easily. Our density is medium to low/thin. Sometimes our hair care practices and strategies are a little different especially if we want to achieve long lengths and our styling techniques are a little different to achieve a fuller look. Over my four plus years of being natural with fine strands and medium density, I've learned that I have to be very deliberate and gentle with it. I'm still learning as I go but the longer my hair gets, the more I'm realizing fine hair naturals (with medium to low density) have different needs sometimes. I am going to be delving in on this area because there are a lot of us out there that want longer and healthier hair but don't know what different steps we may have to take to get there than our thick hair sisters. Below I share some fine hair naturals on Youtube sharing what works for them. You do not have to use the products they use but pay attention to their techniques and methods. You may be able to incorporate some of them into your routine.

Black Hair Chronicles
She has been a long time favorite of mine for a few years now. I enjoy her channel and relate to a lot of her hair experiences. In the video below, she shares a cute retro-inspired hairstyle that super quick and easy to recreate.

SpicyEve on finger detangling fine, low density natural hair
I've tried finger detangling before and it was a HAM. I know now it was because the technique I was using (on oiled, dry hair), while it was great for someone with thicker hair strands, it wasn't great for my fine strands. After watching discovering this SpicyEve video, shared below, and the technique she used, I'm going to try it again because her hair looks strikingly similar to mine, small coils all over.

------------------------------------------- Borderhammer
In this video below, she shares what works for her. I prefer more natural ingredient products than what she uses but, again, this is what works for her. I learned from this vid that Sally's sells little bobby pins. Who knew?! I definitely can use those because like she mentioned, with us lower density gals, the regular ones don't always stay in especially for me in the front where the texture is silkier and even finer. And I don't know why I didn't think earlier to add a track or two of hair that matches my braid out and twist out textures to give it some more umph if I need it. "Why you caint?" Lol.

I also really like her video on finger detangling fine, low density natural hair. Notice that she uses a Tangle Teezer but that she passes it through each section AFTER she's already detangled her hair. This may be important because many accuse it of ripping out their hair, maybe if you have one, try running it through AFTER your hair's been [finger] detangled first.

NappyNFree on the LOC Method for fine, low density natural hair
Before I saw this video, I was questioning if us low density naturals could do the LOC moisturizing method without it leaving us with weighed down, greasy hair. After I saw this video, I was inspired and really want to try it once my Marley twists are out next month. What I learned from her is that we just have to use lighter products: lighter oils and a cream instead of a butter (maybe).


I also love "the original Fine Hair thread" on Long Hair Care Forum. There's a lot of good info on there and the ladies are very forthcoming about what has and hasn't worked for them.

If you know of any other fine naturals that we should know about, please leave comments and share. I think we are under represented sometimes but I'm here to represent for us more! Once I have a better lighting situation in place, I plan to do more hair videos showing what works for me and what I'm trying that can maybe help my fine strand, low density sistas.

Stay naturally fly

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vetty said…
You, and all these lovely ladies, are my hair twins (fraternal of course lOl). Within the last year, I've definitely been taking better care of my hair, even though I started wearing heat-free hair 3 years ago. This will definitely be helpful as I continue to learn more. Thank you :)
my hair is a little different but i too found that on my fine strands, oil on dry hair only was causing too much breakage. Adding some condish to the mix made it much more pliable to detangle.