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The Mixtress Chronicles are back! Today I'm sharing how to I made my own sugar wax for hair removal. The weather's finally starting to warm up and pretty soon it will be time to show the gams more. I am making the move from using an epilator to remove the hair on my legs and underarm area to waxing them. I figured that I am fully capable of waxing them on my own so I started researching the processes and waxes for at home use. Like many mass produced, commercial beauty products in stores across the country, there were a lot of preservatives in them and ingredients that I don't know what they are or that I didn't like. I always wondered if I could make my own wax and the universe brought the answer to my wandering mind.

Recently Fran of Hey Fran Hey created an awesome video sharing how to make your own sugar wax. She recommended using a candy thermometer and since I didn't have one and this was my first time trying it out, I found this basic recipe on eHow that didn't call for one. I put my own touch to it by adding 1 tablespoon of honey and 4-5 drops of Lavender essential oil. If I had had tea tree oil on hand, I would have added that to the mixture too (for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties).

Sugar Wax Recipe (adapted from eHow.com)

  • 3 Cups [organic] Sugar (I used organic brown sugar but you can use white sugar or sugar that isn't organic.)
  • 1/2 Cup Water
  • 1/4 Cup Lemon juice
  • 1 Tsp Honey
  • 4-5 drops Lavender essential oil (optional)
  • 4-5 drops Tea tree oil (optional)
  • Glass jar (I used an empty salsa jar that I cleaned and let air out so it didn't smell like salsa.)
  • Popsicle sticks (to apply the wax to the body)
  • Wax strips- I cut some from an old t-shirt

Directions: Place the first 4 ingredients in a medium, non-stick saucepan on medium heat and bring to a boil. Stir occasionally to prevent burning of the mixture. Let boil for 2-3 minutes stirring occasionally to prevent burning. Move saucepan to a cool burner, stir in Lavender essential oil and tee tree oil and let cool slightly. Transfer wax mixture to a clean glass jar, close lid and store in the refrigerator to finish cooling.

To warm it up for use, you can run hot water over the container until the wax softens or put the jar in a hot water bath in a saucepan of boiling water.

How to Use: I used an old t-shirt cut up into strips for waxing. This is great because they are reusable, which is very eco-friendly and cost effective. All you have to do is rinse them good and let dry completely for reuse.

Apply the wax in the direction against the hair growth and rip IN the direction of hair growth. I know with traditional waxing it is the other way around but because the sugar wax is not adhering to the skin and only the hair, this technique works better.

My thoughts on the recipe

It was simple, easy to follow and most importantly, it works. I did a small patch test on my leg and it removed the hair like a commercial wax would. I am not sure if this wax would stand the test of the bikini area though. I'm not going to mess with that area and will leave that to the professionals but for my underarm and legs, this homemade wax will work perfectly.

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Alice said…
This is one of my favorite ways to wax!
Todra Payne said…
I buy a honey wax from a salon in NYC and I love it. The ingredients list is all natural, too. But it's nice to know I can make it on the fly if I run out and need to. Thanks!
Shevonn said…
I tried this but it didn't work =( I suspect that I did not apply/remove correctly because I've never done this before! I have quite a bit left, so I'm going to look up some videos and try again.
Milan said…
@Shevonn : Aww boo. That sucks that it didn't work for you. Yes, I recommend to try again. I hpe the Youtube videos will be helpful. I found that I didn't like using strips cut from old t-shirts to do the waxing with. I needed a more sturdy fabric so I cut up some denim strips from an old pair of jeans and that seems to be working better for me.
markson said…
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