My Hair // Marley Twists

A co-worker is having a 90's theme brunch this weekend and last week yours truly was "requested" to be Janet Jackson circa Poetic Justice. I didn't want box braids so I opted for long Marley twists instead. My wonderful friend, Yaa, was kind enough to do my hair for me last Friday (thanks girl!). In appreciation of her generosity, I came to her place with wine, [Whole Foods 365] frozen cheese pizza and snacks in tow and we had a good time talking and figuring out what to wear for the Curl Box Ouidad event coming up this Thursday while twisting.

What I love about the Marley twists is that they aren't heavy like long box braids normally are. It was an adventure getting used to them but I think I am better in the swing of it now. I've been combing Youtube for hairstyle ideas because with all this hair, I need inspiration. I like them, just take some getting used to. A new, temporary look was in order. I plan to keep them in for a month so I am going to have fun styling them different ways. I will be sharing the different styles that I come up with or try out on Instagram and do a summary of them all once my month is up.

I ended up using 4 1/2 packs of Marley Braid hair from Freetress Equal. I bought the hair at a local beauty supply store (If you live in NYC, I got it from Beauty 35 in Manhattan. It's located on the corner of 35th and 8th) for $5/pack. Since my parts were large, it took about 2 hours or so to complete.

Are you doing anything different to your hair this month to change it up or give your hair a rest?

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Amma Mama said…
I LOVE your hair! So pretty, especially the way you styled it!
I'm rocking Marley Twists right now and I plan to for awhile. That themed brunch sounds so fun! Reminds me of Kenya's event on RHOA.
LaNeshe said…
I tried marley twists, but it was just too much hair for me to handle lol