Stop Short Changing Yourself, You Are Deserving and Worthy :: Treat Yourself Well

If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw yesterday morning that I put this picture I took up there and then I added the text "treat yourself well". I took this picture of my light breakfast from a nearby cafe where I treat myself to a Brazilian wax once a month. As I grow older and wiser, I am fully understanding and thriving from the concept of treating yourself well. I was raised to get the things you want in your life, you have to work hard for them and that is true to some extent but it is also important to work hard to appreciate and love on yourself. In USA's society, people are raised to believe that if they dont work themselves into the ground and sacrifice their health, happiness and sanity for their jobs, children, spouses, etc. then they are selfish and unmotivated. You are not worth your salt if you don't make yourself a martyr and put yourself last. What this mentality has resulted in is a lot of rich miserable people, middle class miserable people and poor miserable people. 

You work so hard for your money, you are not a bad person if you use some of it on yourself. Money was created to be spent, rather it's for your bills, retirement, college for the kids or whatever else, eventually it's going to get spent. And if you are on the frequency of abundance (The Secret), you will never be without any because "money comes easily and frequently" so stop worrying and from time to time, do something nice for yourself. Recently, I increased my monthly cash allowance from $20 to $40. And last month I started a new ritual where I treat myself to a Brazilian wax and then breakfast afterward. Sunday nights are my home spa nights. I do my nails, toes and a bentonite clay face mask. Just these little adjustments have rejuvenated me. I'm glowing again; I feel happier, more vibrant, even prettier. I feel inspired to find ways to increase my income and not resentful and frustrated. We start to feel bad about money when we don't invest in ourselves because it creates a feeling that there is not enough. There is always enough. Enough may only be $10 a month for some right now but there is always something. I don't care if you are broke or are married with kids, you have to invest some into yourself. Investing in yourself is telling God that you believe you live in abundance. When you believe that you live abundance, God and the universe have no choice but to give you more. YOU ARE NOT A BAD PERSON IF YOU TREAT YOURSELF WELL. 

Some of you may have a spouse, boyfriend, parent or significant other that treats you to things. It's not the same. You have to do something for yourself. What others do for you is a blessing and is to be appreciated and grateful for but there's a certain fulfillment you only get when you are good to yourself. No one or thing can make you happy, only you can make the choice to feel happy. Treating yourself well and investing in yourself is you believing that, outside of what others think and feel about you, you are worthy and deserving. Folks, there is nothing like genuine self worth.

Everyone's investment is different and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money or anything at all. How much you feel you can give to yourself at least once a month is up to you. Don't spend what you don't have but don't short change yourself either. I shared with you earlier in this post how I treat myself to waxing and breakfast once a month that costs some money and my Sunday night home spa that doesn't cost me anything. Some other zero cost things I like to treat myself to is taking a whole Saturday in the warm months to go to Prospect Park in Brooklyn or Central Park in the City to go for a long walk or bringing a bagged lunch, a towel or blanket to sit on and a book to read. Maybe once a month you treat yourself to visiting a museum or your favorite art gallery. Or maybe it's going to your favorite bookstore or thrift store and treating yourself to a new book or new vintage garment to add to your wardrobe. Whatever it is, I encourage you to invest in it, at the very least, once a month.  

You work so hard, you deserve to treat yourself from time to time. You deserve it. 

Stay naturally fly

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