Stylenomics // How to Clean and Care for Your Bras

I'm excited to announce, Stylenomics, a new feature talking about the nuts and bolts of grooming,  styling for your body by taking a trend or item of clothing and tailoring it to your style and body type and how to care for your garments and accessories. So let's get into it.

To kick off this new feature are four quick and easy tips on how to clean and care for your bras.

They are are the quick and fast death to them. Bras, especially those of better quality, are made with more delicate fabrics that can't handle the rough agitation that results from them or the detergents normally used for clothing. All these factors encourage the fabric to fray and weaken and can result in bras losing their shape.

Tip #2: Hand wash your bras
Washing them too often can weaken and kill them faster too. How often  to wash can depend on what climate you live in. If you are in a humid location, you may want to wash your bras after every 1-2 wears. If you are in a drier location, washing every 3-4 wears may suffice. Many resources recommend that you wash your sports bras after every wear.

How to Wash Them
Use a gentle soap or baby shampoo in your sink, tub or a plastic tub with cool water. Depending on what colors are in your collection, you may want to wash them one by one to ensure there is no transfer of dye from the darker ones to your lighter color bras. If that is the case, wash the lighter color bras first and the darker ones last. I like to let them soak for a few minutes and then gently rinse them off with cool water and let air dry. You can lay them on a flat surface to dry or hang them dry. Either way fasten the back and reshape the cup, nipples out, so that they dry in the correct form.

*** While I am a proponent for hand washing them, you can wash them in the washer. I still think you kill them faster that way but should you opt out of hand washing them it's still  important that you put them in the washer on the gentle cycle and use a gentle cleanser. For more tips on how to wash bras in the washer, check out this article I found on the Huffinton Post. ***

Tip #3: Rotate your bras
I think every woman should strive for, at the very least, 3-4 bras in her collection to rotate out. Rotating bras gives the elastic in them a chance to recover so they will continually regain their shape and elasticity and will, in turn, last longer. If they are worn too much consecutively, the elastic will stretch out faster and loosen which will result in having to replace your bras more frequently.

Tip #4: Store them in a dry, cool location
This is pretty much a given. Most women store their bras in the top draw of a dresser. I've heard some that hang them on pants hangers in the closet. Always treat them like how you treat your clothing, you always want to store them in a clean, dry and cool environment.

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