The Diva Cup Review UPDATES // Three Years Later

Three years ago I did a review on the Diva Cup menstrual cup singing its praises and three years later..... I still love it! Before the Diva Cup, I used tampons but they leaked so I always had to wear a pad still, I had to rock some serious "armor" once a month. That armor is now a thing of the past for me. I have also observed that since using the cup over these 3 years past, my flow is definitely lighter and is down to 4 days instead of 5. Day 5 is suuuuuper light so that's why I'm relunctant to give it any kind of shine. Pre Diva days, day 5 was a viable, full fledged day. Now not really. So on "day 5" I use a light pantyliner just in case there is any "residual" and that's that. Too much information? Come on, we're all girls here!

Check out my original post I did about the Diva Cup HERE. I did a very detailed review and a lot of readers commented and shared great tips.You can purchase this cup at Walmart, Whole Foods, local health food stores and online stores like Amazon.

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Steph B-More said…
The diva cup is ALL I use know. Nothing else. Love it.
Kitshara said…
Your review of the Diva Cup is what made me try it out a few years ago. Just like, you I was happy with my purchase then and I'm still happy now. Thanks for passing the knowledge along.