Barbie Was My Inspiration to go Natural

As a little girl, Barbie dolls were a huge part of my life. My imagination made my Barbies into all different kinds of women that I admired and wanted to be like "when I grew up": they all were career women with AMEX cards, fine husbands with great jobs and kids, nice cars and homes and went on vacations and shopping sprees. My dolls lived in abundance, hunny. It's no surprise that even in my adult life, Barbies still inspire me to live in abundance, especially in the case of hair. This Sugar Barbie doll from the Byron Lars Chapeaux collection, pictured above, still gives me life! She was one of my biggest inspirations for going natural when I was transitioning back in the summer of 2008. I still aspire to have a fro that big (soon reach!) and maybe I will play with color again to have a reddish fro like her too. Wouldn't it be cool if when my hair finally reaches this massiveness (in its own right) I recreated this look, hairstyle (and color) and pose? Hmm.... *rubs chin*

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