Get in My Shoe Collection // Toms Calypso Canvas Wedges

I had no idea Toms made freakishly cute wedges until I saw a lady on my Wednesday morning train ride into the city for work. I kinda stalked her to get a better look at them and saw that they were made by Toms. The minute I could, I hopped on their website to find them and knew I wanted this pair, the Calypso Canvas Wedge in red, pictured above. I mean they just scream "Casual Friday". Since they are a warm weather shoe, I see myself rocking them with denim shorts and a slouchy white tee tucked in effortlessly or a white button down with the sleeves rolled up.

Toms products are good quality, known for being comfortable and a huge plus is that they are made in USA. I'm in a place in my life now where I want quality and am willing to pay for it. I'm supposed to be chilling on spending on clothes and shoes for the next couple months but I can't stop thinking about them so the Universe is getting me these shoes, I'm claiming that. I recently got commissioned to make a body chain for one of my co-workers, there's some extra money and I'm going to hustle to get the rest so I didn't really "spend" any of my existing money. Where there's a will, there's a way.

What shoes have you spotted lately that need to get into your shoe collection?

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