I'm Attracting This // Nikon CoolPix L820

Though I am not a professional, I love taking pretty pictures to chronicle my life and the cool things that I encounter. I currently have the GE X500 but it does not do well indoors or in low light settings; it's excellent for outdoor shooting though but 90% of my photos are taken indoors so I'm in the market for a point-and-shoot that does well indoors as well as outdoors. I first had my eye on the Canon SX50 and then their SX500 model but from what I was reading in the reviews, many called out its inefficiencies in low light/indoor settings. One reviewer of the Canon models I shared recommended the Nikon COOLPIX L820, pictured above, instead so I checked it out. I saw that the Nikon got great reviews and many called out that it did exceptionally well in low light settings. This is what I want. I WILL have this one by the end of the year or sooner and have already added it to my 2013 vision board. Once I get this, I can get back to taking more pictures for pictorials, style posts, etc. The Universe is already working on bringing it to me. Thank you in advance, Universe!

Do any of you have this camera? How do you like it? And are any of you in the market for a new camera? Which one are you attracting?

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Unknown said…
I have the Canon elph 110 HS and it is excellent in low light settings!!!! And the quality is out of this world! I have a Nikon 5100 and 3100 and the photos it takes in comparison to them is great! You dont loose any quality at all. For the most part, the pics on my blog are from the canon elph 110 hs.

REALLY need a new camera! Been looking for something better than I have been using for ages and looking at the Canon range! This sounds great, must look into it!

Lorraine x