It's Been a Long Time

fly hair
Pictured: Maya Smith, owner & founder of The DOUX rocking a (super fly) basic bun variation that I'm recreating like tomorrow!

I shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to. Step to, step to, step to.... Lol.

Hi Guys!

I took an unplanned but very fun hiatus. I had fun living life and enjoying my summer. If you follow my personal Instagram account then you got a peak into some of the fun things I was involved in. The fall season is in the building and I'm loving it. It's been so mild here in NYC, I have no complaints! This time of the year reigns me in and inspires me to cook more, craft more, host more intimate get togethers at my place and get ready for the Holidays. I will be posting more regularly soon.

Pictured above is the beautiful and uber talented, Maya Smith; owner and founder of The DOUX, rocking a hairstyle that I plan on rocking the rest of this week, a bun. Lately, the cinnabun has been one of my favorite go to styles to look pulled together in a jiffy. I'm all about effortless chic these days. What hairstyles have you all been rocking?

In other brief news, I've decided against coloring my hair even though I feel in my heart of all hearts that I could rock the hell out of an auburn or brownish red color. My reasoning was that if I'm trying to grow my hair out as quickly as possible then I need to leave it alone outside of taking great care of it. All the extras, I'm leaving alone for now. I also have went back to some of my old regimen products when I was a new natural. More on that in another post. Lastly, next month, it's the return of the loose twists! I'm sooo excited because I love the low maintenance of them and I can't wait to see how much longer they are now. Also, I'm turning the "Dirty 30" this Sunday! Excited to open a new chapter of my life and embark on more adventures. I'm on my totally "grown woman" ish now. My amazing family is throwing me a party so I'll be sure to snap pictures of how I wore my hair and what I wore.

Quick question before we part, would any of you be interested in makeup posts again? If any of you followed me early in this blog's life (I've had this baby for 5 years!), you will remember this blog was originally a makeup blog, then I talked about both makeup and hair, and then hair took over. If you are interested in makeup posts and/or tips, please sound off.