Black Girls DO Workout

It's no secret that our community could be healthier. We know how to look good but more focus needs to be put on feeling good and being healthy too. We cannot use the excuse that being fit is expensive and we don't have the money because the billion dollar black hair industry shows we have money and we spend a lot of it. We have to make our health a higher priority. Fitness can be free like power walking at the local track, crunches and push ups on your living room floor or standing push ups against the wall. Fitness can cost gobs of money like a personal trainer or high end Pilates membership. I love that we have options. How much you are willing to spend is solely up to you but we all can afford to be healthier rather its a lot of money or none.

Fitness and health has always been a roller coaster cycle with me. I'm great for six months then I slack off for six months, rinse and repeat. Luckily, my fairly healthy eating prevented me from my weight ever getting out of hand. Since turning 30 recently, I committed myself to staying fit, pushing my fitness level higher and exploring more ways to eat and be healthier. I also recently joined a yoga studio. I'm excited to increase my strength, stamina and focus. I'm a brown yogini (a woman who practices yoga) you guys!

I don't know about you but I feel there's a large void in the fitness market for black women. I look through fitness magazines and see very few women that look like me in them. I can get inspiration from anyone but I like to see women I feel that I can relate to as well. This also sends a silent message that maybe black women don't workout. We got the hair down, lets get our bodies in check too. I want to promote HEALTH, not a certain dress size though. I just want my people to have healthy and happy lives that way we make healthier choices in all aspects of our lives. 

I will be rolling out the guide lines for fitness features soon from every day women like you who live active lives. Maybe you do martial arts, are an advanced fencer, play tennis or are a ballroom dancer. This feature is not just about the gym rats and body building women, though I want to feature them too, it's about exposing us to all kinds of different activities we can do to stay fit. 

I'm so excited to roll this out! 


Candice said…
I love this! I agree that black girls do workout too and it helps to see what others are doing to stay fit.