Law of Attraction: Travel to JoBurg in Summer 2014

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Recently I shared with you all my desire to go to Johannesburg, South Africa with my parents next summer in July. I spoke to my mother last night to get the deets because I want this. It's a package for a 10 day stay in July that includes airfare, lodging and your meals and costs $3,800. How am I going to pay for this? I haven't really the slightest idea just yet. I put my desire out into the Universe and gave thanks for it in advance, the next step is to use energy magic to attract it. My first thought is to attract more makeup gigs, weddings in particular because they pay good. If I can book at least 2 bridal gigs per month between December and June at at least $400 a pop each, I will have $5,600 and it didn't come from my 9-5 money. Or maybe I should just attract an additional $800/month and however the Universe sees fit to deliver it to me, it will. The goal is to not touch my 9-5 money because, well, it's lean these days. Lol. I'm game for however the Universe will fund this trip for me.

So far I have worked successfully through word of mouth with my makeup services, its time to kick it up a notch and get more exposure. Craigslist still is effective so I put up an ad up there. I finished setting up my Style Seat profile and added a Style Seat button to the end of my Craigslist post. I will visit some local bridal shops over the holiday break and, with their permission, leave fliers and/or my business cards in their establishments.

Lastly, I'm going to obsess about this trip to the thin line of being called crazy. Since I decided that I wanted to go, I have thought about JoBurg everyday and look at pictures of it everyday. My desktop on my work computer is an aerial view of the city. A picture of JoBurg is included in my 2014 vision board on my Pinterest and I look at this vision board everyday. I'm going to create another board for this trip mapping out what I'm going to wear, hair ideas while I'm away, things to see and do there and travel tips. It sounds crazy but borderline crazy obsessing over the things you want and taking action towards them really works. It got me my dream apartment this spring, it can work for this trip.

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it, with people you love.

Love, light and positivity

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Unknown said…
Hi Milan! I love your faithfulness in the law of attraction and it's really inspiring. I realize that's what I'm doing wrong, I'm not fully committing to it and seeing your posts remind me to trust it and really believe that the universe will provide. I'm lowkey jealous of you going to Joburg next year because it's right next to home for me (Mozambique) and I miss it soooo much. I wish you all the best and that you have the most amazing time on your trip and oh, congrats to your mom for being invited to do the exhibit! Sending you much love and blessings :)
Milan said…
Hi Filomena, love that name! Yes totally trusting the law of attraction is a journey but if you truly let go and believe, the ish works! Thank you for your kind words and warm wishes. Keep at the LOA lady, it works! It's getting me to South Africa some kind of way! :-)