Random Beauty Thoughts

1) I have the desire to put a black rinse in my hair.

2) Think I'm ready to get my nose pierced next month!

3) My face and body really loves African black soap, we must never part. 

4) I have the desire to put mendhi art on my body somewhere. Maybe me and my sister can play with that over Christmas break. 

What random beauty thoughts are swirling through your mind lately?


Shevonn said…
your hair looks beautiful. I want to get a straight weave, but I am conflicted because of the cost and my need to accept my hair the way it is. I want a piercing for my birthday next week and I can't wait to figure out my knee problems so I can get back on my fitness regimen!
Robbi said…
random thought - how the heck am I ever going to protective style until the spring?

how will I wear my hair for new years??