Happy MLK Day

Hello and Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day! For those that had the day off, I hope you enjoyed it and also got to reflect some on his contributions to black Americans and humanity overall. His positive and passionate energy filled many with hope, purpose and love. Every day, I enjoy the results of his and those he inspired's tireless work. I can walk down the street without the anticipation of being called a nigger, having to use a separate restroom of lesser quality, having my only option of seating on the bus, at a restaurant or theater being in the back or being judged on/denied access to a college or job based off of the color of my skin. I appreciate anything that those with a passion for something positive contribute to the world and I can never say thank you enough to Mr. King for humanity being his passion and inspiring people to walk in love, dignity, respect and unity. Writing this is bringing me to tears. 

We watch the documentaries and see the pictures, say thanks and enjoy the day off but don't always really process this time in history. What Mr. King did was so big! What those demonstrators and black college students did at that time was so big! At that time, black Americans lived in a country that hated them not for their character but because of their skin color- that was the only reason. Whites wanted you DEAD (and could get away with it) just because of how you looked and nothing else. Do you know how many times Mr. King's LIFE was threatened for what he was doing? Seriously imagine being threatened by MANY daily just for wanting positivity! Not many would remain steadfast. His walks, speeches and sit ins resulted in people sometimes dying or being seriously injured. White police man sicked vicious dogs on peaceful demonstrators and used dangerously high pressured water hoses on them. Try really hard right now to imagine what that must have been like. How frightening it must have been. I mean, seriously, imagine yourself in the midst of a totally peaceful demonstration and a white police man looking you dead in your eyes with hate as he then commands his k9 to kill you. We live in a world now that we're able to hide behind a computer and fake alias'. These people were front row and center and risked everything, EVERYTHING, for what was right so we could live better. They didn't a Rolex and a Benz, they just wanted to be treated with dignity damnit; be treated like a human being! We must not ever forget or gloss over how truly heroic these people were. They didn't have the comforts and luxuries we, as black people, now have. I'm thankful they gave everything for us, generations and people they don't even know, to have what we have now. 

Thank you Mr. King and to everyone of that era who risked and lost their lives for your generation and the ones after yours. When it comes to me, your efforts are celebrated every day. Every day I have the luxury of going after my dreams and my race not being an issue (most of the time). Because of you I was able to get a reputable education and be accepted into one of the largest universities in the country. Because of you, I'm able to have a corporate career and not just only being hired to be a maid, housekeeper or nanny. Your life, your efforts and your injuries resulted in greatness. You don't even know me but you loved me and everyone else enough to stand for what was right and not just take bad treatment and cry about it [on Twitter]. You all DID something about it, you sparked changed. You all are my heroes! Every day I push to be the change I want to see. This blog is me being and inspiring the change I want to see. I appreciate what you did so much. Thank you so very much. 

How have Martin Luther King Jr and the crusaders of that era affected you? What positive causes are you passionate about?

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Anonymous said…
Beautifully written.
Happy belated Dr.King Day :-)