Positive Affirmations 101

I'm getting back to my first love, writing, and it feels amazing. I feel my glow returning. I've challenged myself that until I get my MacBook Pro, I'll be writing short pieces from my phone at least days out of each week. I have great plans for the blog and had let the computer issues stop everything until I could reveal it all but realized just because I can't do those things right now doesn't mean that I have to put a pause on writing. 

Today's short post is about using positive affirmations to attract positve outcomes to your life. The whole words don't mean anything ethos is a tale. Words are very powerful and when intentions are put behind them they become even more so. Words build up or tear down people and things. We never forget truly damaging words people have said to us in the past, sometimes we even believe them. Like when I was 11 and my father told me I danced like a white girl, lol. I didn't dance in front of him again until my sweet 16 birthday party! Compliments make us feel great especially when they come from people we love, people who's thoughts and opinions we value and even random passerby. An outfit we were unsure of leaving the house in doesn't feel so crazy looking anymore when we receive compliments from stylish people on the street. 

The key to making positive affirmations is that they must be believable to you, you have to feel good about them and your intention has to be positive in order for it to work. When I was looking for a new apartment last year, one of my affirmations was something like, "Milan, there is an apartment out there for you. It's what you want, where you want and what you can afford." I had my crazy and frustrating moments, anyone who lives in New York City understands all too well, but I made sure to try to say this everyday. And I did find a place that was what I wanted, where I wanted and was what I could afford. 

You can use affirmations for any aspect of your life, they can be general or very specific and directed towards a goal or desire. There's more power behind them when you use them in first person. If you wanted to lose weight and get healthier you could say something like, "I value my body and everyday I work to live a healthier and more active lifestyle." They can also be general reminders to stay positve about things like, "I am thankful for my job because it pays my bills and funds my accessories habit" or "I am blessed to be alive and have wonderful people in my life." Students could use affirmations for a presentation they have or a test they need to take. "I am a capable student and with hard work and effective studying, I will pass/ace this class or test." 

If you follow the Instagram page then you know that I set up positive affirmation reminders to go off on my phone everyday. When they pop up, I quickly pause what I'm doing and either read them out loud or mouth them as I read them. I have four that go off at different times of the day. You don't have to put your affirmations in your phone but you want them somewhere you can see them everyday. The phone for most is very common bc most of us our phones are an additional appendage of ours (so sad, isn't it?). In the past, I've printed or written them out and taped them to my bathroom mirror so I would see and read them first thing every morning. I have affirmations and quotes I like at my work desk as well. Some regarding money, I've written on little strips of paper and kept in my purse or wallet. 

The picture on this post is an example of one of the affirmations that pops up in my phone everyday. What positve affirmations do you have or what ones will you create for yourself? I'd love to write a more in depth post about creating positive affirmations bc there is some art to it to make them as powerful as possible but this is a good start for anyone new to this or that is interested in creating some for themselves. 

Live well!