Thank You

Hello everyone. I hope this finds you in good health and good spirits. I haven't been updating bc I need a new computer! After 8 years my laptop has had enough and I can't complain. I'm sometimes surprised that I coasted this long! I have so many amazing plans and material for the site and the computer issue had been slowing many, ok ALL, of those developments down. I've decided to invest in a MacBook Pro so let's see how soon I can get one! In the meantime you can find me on Twitter (@agrlcanmac) and both of my Instagram accounts (@agrlcanmac and @creatividual) if you want to keep up with my shenanigans and what I'm doing with my hair and such. I also can't say thank you enough for your readership. I appreciate each and any of you stopping by and leaving comments. Many of you have been with me for years so thank you for rockin with me, even when I had said I was done with this space. :)

Another update is that I have a cool project I'm working on. The computer issue has been delaying it but I'm determined to find a way to roll it out in the next couple weeks. More details to come in the near future. 

I'm so happy that spring is here and the weather is (slowly) warming up. I'm feeling social again and ready to dive into some exciting projects. How's spring treating you so far?

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