The One Week Budget by The Budgetnista

This month has been financial literacy month so what's left of it- which is today, I'm sharing a financial resource that I think will benefit others. With spring now here, it's time to spring into better money habits and increase and maximize our funds! Today I'm sharing Tiffany Aliche aka The Budgetnista's book, The One Week Budget. It's a great intro to budgeting if you're green and a wonderful addition to your personal finance library with many refreshers if you're not new to it. I've been using budgets since my twenties but it's been like peaks and valleys. I'm on top do great with them for a while and then I slack off and wind up in a valley. Why I slack off, I don't know because I do very well budgeting: I know where my money's going, can plan for needs and wants so that they money is there and save more aggressively too. I get lazy and I have to be more consistent. I lose money being in the dark with my finances so I've gotten back on track and I'm excited to be here. Back to the book though....

I recently finished reading The One Week Budget and it reignited me. I'm 30 years old now, not a little kid anymore. I won't be a millionaire simply wishing for it, I'll get there by generating (multiple streams of)  income, planning, good sense and savvy. The book is a light and super easy to follow read. The book is written as if you were sitting front row in one of Tiffany's financial workshops (which I must attend!) and she doesn't use any fancy terms that she doesn't provide an explanation for in the book. I was proud to know many of the tips and actions she pointed out, I already do. My thing is just consistency which I think stifles many of us. We know what to do on a general basis and how do so but we just don't or we're not consistent with it. But as I've learned and as Tiffany shares in the book, no one's perfect. Life happens, we make money, we lose money, we make mistakes but we dust ourselves off and keep at it. She shares tons of examples from her own personal financial journey. At one point, she invested thousands in an investment that left her with no profits and thousands of dollars in debt! Makes me shut up about my lil couple grand in consumer balances that's for sure! 

Tiffany's out here educating people about finances and does it so passionately you can't help but start to absorb some of her energy towards it. She's notorious for relaying information, in an often deemed "unfun" topic, in a totally relative and easy to follow way that doesn't feel intimidating or overwhelming. She makes personal finance feel like it's doable and not some dreadful and complicated task, that we all can and should manage our money so we can have whatever life we want to live. I love this book and encourage everyone to read it and support a sista especially if you are new to budgeting, this is an excellent resource to get started with. She also provides a budget template in the book that you can use and shares how to use it with examples. The media say so many terrible things about our people [of color]: we're obese, we don't exercise, we don't save, we don't have money, etc. We owe it to ourselves to learn, know more about and maximize the money we make! 

I've created my own basic budget sheet for those who aren't interested in making their own for purchase. It's very easy to use, simple layout and a great gateway into managing your money and knowing where it's going each month. I used to use a fancier sheet that I created prior to this one but it was too much and was a distraction for me so this one is great for those who don't need all the bells and whistles and simply want to know what money they have coming in and to what expenses it comes out. I update mine 1-2 times a month and I'm good to go. You can find it in the Shop tab this evening.  I will put up another post when it goes live tonight. I had a few last minute tweaks I wanted to work out before releasing it. The sheet is less than $4 and I hope the small investment will pay off big time in managing and growing your funds. I want to see us all succeed because there is room for everyone, I don't care what the media says or what your Uncle Tim says. There's room for all of us, let's all get on that prosperity train! 

Also, I'm looking for personal finance writers and bloggers for guest posts so if you are one or know of any, please email Live in abundance!


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