Think Small: Small Monthly Donations Create an Impact Larger Than YouThink

Many of us think if we can't write a check for thousands of dollars and present it on the giant cardboard check in front of an audience then why bother? While organizations love large donations, they appreciate ANY dollar amount donations. If half a million people donate just $10 a month to a charitable organization, that's $5 million dollars in one year!, just think of the impact they can have. Small amounts add up quickly if enough people are involved. You don't have to be Bill Gates to start donating. Give what you have. 

I recently set myself up for monthly donations with MoCADA, an African diaspora cultural museum in Brooklyn. I love art, anything creative and cultural and anything that is focused on uplifting and enhancing the Black community. They do a lot for the black communities, Brooklyn, families and children plus they host cool exhibits and tons of free cultural events all throughout the year. I've started off giving a meer $10 a month for now and once I'm able to give more, I will. 

Find a charity that resonates with your life, passions and interests. Maybe you donate to a diabetes cause because it runs in your family or because it runs rampant in our community. If you love science or technology maybe you donate to an initiative that encourages minority youths to get into science and technology programs and careers. If you love camping, maybe you donate to a fresh air initiative that helps sustain a kids summer camp. If you can only spare $10/month then give $10 a month. Not only will you feel good about helping fund something that positively impacts others lives but the government likes jovial givers as well and let's you write your donations off at tax time. God/the universe also loves jovial givers and blesses you with more money than you gave in the first place. 

I've had times I had less money than I do now and found that when I gave to a positive cause, monthly, I never was without. My bills were always funded. In fact, extra, unexpected money always found me all the time. Shortly after college, I was only making $10 or $11/hour temping and lived at home with my parents. I used to tithe (donating 10% of your income) with my church at that time each month. That was a bold move for me as I was a broke, recent grad in George  "Dubbya" Bush times. I never was without, I could comfortably pay my bills, save a little and do a little shopping here and there. When I was unemployed a few years ago, against many's advice, I continued to donate $25/month to Plan at the time. Living on unemployment in New York City was an adventure like no other but little makeup jobs, jewelry sales or even babysitting gigs would come through spontaneously all the time each month to cover the donation and additionally pad my bank account. 

You get what you give in this life. If you can't give $10/month, give $5! You blow $10 on lunch in one day here in NY, lol. You get far more back than you give anyhow and it helps more than you think it does. Small steps do make traction. So in this case, I encourage you to think small if you can't go big just yet. It all makes an impact. 

What organizations do you donate to? If you don't currently donate to one, which ones would you want to donate to? How much could you give right now and how much would you eventually want to give? 

Giving is always in style and looks so sexy on you! 


Jc said…
I love that you are so giving. I am not generous in this way at all. I will generally donate the odd pound here or there to causes but I am not one to give just yet.

I take the phrase charity starts at home seriously. I believe that I need to save all my pennies towards purchasing my first house and pushing my business forward. I feel that once these goals are completed, I can then comfortably offer out to others.

You are so generous it is so admirable.