Today's Wellness Assignment: Keep Your Head Down

Ever have that feeling that you're so much more than what you're currently doing? You lose some of your umph and feel restless because of it. Sometimes you let it drain or frustrate you trying to figure out when and how "a change gone come." That's me right now, I'm very blessed and thankful but I'm not living in my bliss in some sectors of my life. I've learned stressing about it doesn't work and, in my case last week, can even make you physically ill. Stressing is also counter productive because you don't do anything to change the situation because you are too busy being paralyzed with worry. What can be done about this? I'm learning to take things one day at a time. Don't look up so much. Yes, don't look up so much. Living in a results driven society, this can be very tough and often overwhelming but it's been a very big theme in my life this year. So today's wellness assignment is to NOT look up and make myself overwhelmed by the end results I want; turn off my peripheral vision which distracts me with doubt, impatience and frustration and put on my blinders: focus on doing at least one thing that makes me feel good about and gets me closer than yesterday to my goals/desires.

You can do today's assignment with me too. It could be creating an affirmation for yourself to recite every day before getting ready for work or every night before bed. It could be a small assignment, it could be gazing at a picture that represents your desire to fire you back up. It could be pretending to buy something you want. As you saw from my previous post, my computer is basically done and I have to get a new one. I want a MacBook Pro which is a big investment and last weekend I pretended to buy one. I customized it, put it in my shopping cart and pretended to buy it. See below, I went there. Even now, I want to get back to writing more like I used to, with my laptop out of commission, I'm writing this from my iPhone! 

I encourage you all to do at least one small thing/action that coincides with what you want. What will you do today? 

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Tiffany said…
Good message today. With so much social media, it can drive us and also be counter effective by making us feel like we aren't enough. When we really are. Keep on Keeping On!!