Music That Can Mac: Asante Amin
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 It's Friday again, we made it! If your week was anything like mine (read: CRAZY BUSY), you are so ready for the weekend. I haven't shared any good music will you all in a while so let's get to it. This artist is a super talented dude and I have had the pleasure of meeting him. Asante Amin is wildly talented, he plays the saxophone, teaches music and lessons to kids and is a super creative mind. Check out his Soundcloud page . The song shared below is an older track but it's so silky, smooth, funky and delicious. Get into it!

Who is NYC is going to the Curl Fest this Sunday in Prospect Park? I will be there with many of my curlfriends enjoying the day and event. Hope to see some of you there. Be safe and stay naturally fly. Have a wonderful weekend!


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Valerie said…
Hi there, I didn't see the track. Is something wrong with my browser? :( Checking out the soundcloud page though! :)
Milan said…
Hi Valerie! Had a technical issue, the track is up now. Hope you are enjoying his music. He's wildly talented and just released a new album yesterday!
Valerie said…
Thanks! I listened to a group you recommended (Fly Union) way back when and I still listen to their stuff! So I am looking forward to listening to Asante's music. Thanks for sharing!