Music That Can MAC // Asante Amin x Fly Union

Happy 4th of July's Eve. We made it to the long weekend! Why not have some good music to jam out to over the holiday weekend? These two artists I have talked about on here before but they both recently dropped new projects and they're fire! Both albums are sure to turn up your weekend. Wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy 4th. Support good music so we can hear more of it, they have bills to pay just like we do. :-)

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Small Victories is Fly Union's latest project that just dropped. It's grittier than they're previous projects but if you like good hip -hop, you will enjoy this. Can't wait until they come back to New York!

I just recently talked about Asante Amin on here and his new album, The Visitor: Alter Destiny, dropped not much longer after that post. OMG. I was playing this at work yesterday and was straight. Jammin. HARD. It's that good. My absolute favorites are "Love", "Make Love" and "Higher" but the whole project is great for the ears.

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