Me and Uncle Al at Cape of Good Hope in Capetown, South Africa

Sanbonani!!! That is Zulu (an ethnic group in South Africa) for hello!

How is everyone?! How was your summer? What did you do? I left you all last month sharing some hairstyle ideas that I was torn between to don during my upcoming adventures in South Africa. I went the end of July for 10 days with family and family friends. It was a beyond amazing experience and I will write about it another post. The trip totally changed my life and inspired me in so many beautiful ways. What style of the three I was torn between did I end up choosing? How about none of them. Lol. I didn’t make the time to make a decision and I ended up rocking my hair loose. Thankfully, since they are on the other side of the equator, it was winter there. The climate was cool, low humidity and dry. I wore my hair up in a bun or out in a fro. Easy peasy. Once I came back, the whirlwind of everyday life and the ever growing to-do list took over, I got sick (yucky summer cold) and then it was back to work. Now that all the dust has settled, I’m back in action.
Me and my mommy, Carole Gary Staples, by her quilt that was in the "Conscious of the Human Spirit: The Life of Nelson Mandela" exhibit in Johannesburg, South Africa

Wanted to also share that before the trip I was working diligently on a special project: an e-Booklet for us women with fine, medium to low density natural hair! I have completed all the writing and am currently adding the finishing touches on it to be released mid-late next month. I’m super excited. This is my first foray in the publishing world, so once this is released, I will continue to work on improving it and making it widely accessible. For the initial release, it will only be available on the site here through PayPal. I’m so excited to release this, finally literature that caters specifically to us fine hair, medium to low density, natural hair ladies! I often feel like there is a voice for us ladies and instead of scouring forums and blogs for morsels of info, why not put it all in one place! I will be giving out some free copies for constructive feedback so that I can later further improve and enhance the book. So stay tuned for details on how you could snag a free copy.

Also, I haven’t hosted a giveaway in God knows how long but I am planning one to celebrate AGrlCanMAC’s very belated May birthday. This May just passed marked 6 years! This blog has chronicled my growth in so many avenues of my life from the physical to the metaphysical and spiritual. I've met amazing people through it and encountered wonderful opportunities and experiences through it. I hope I've inspired and helped some people along the way too. Don’t have a time secured for this giveaway just yet but I’m thinking to do it the same time the eBooklet is released. We can celebrate both at the same damn time! Exciting things coming to close out the year!

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What are everyone’s plans for the fall? Though I love spring and summer, I enjoy the fall too. The dressing is totally fun: sweaters with shorts, booties and peep toe wedges, light weight infinity scarves, etc. I have my fall adventure list ready and can’t wait to go apple picking, run through corn mazes, drink homemade hot chocolate and put pumpkin spice in everything.

Be well. More to come! Thank you for your positivity, enthusiasm, love and support, it never goes unappreciated.

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JanelleW. said…
Congratulations on the upcoming release of your e-book. When I went natural 5 years ago, yours was one of the very first natural hair blogs that I found. I have since relaxed and then recently big chopped again. Can't wait to hear about your trip to South Africa.