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Us women are such precious and powerful beings. Our wombs carry and sustain life and give and receive pleasure. They can also carry guilt, shame and other negative energy. Yoni is a sanskrit word for a woman's "sacred space or passage"; it's a more beautiful term for a woman's vagina. I like that word better and think I shall incorporate that into my vocabulary instead. Yoni eggs are made from different crystals to address different types of energies and things going on in your womb and your overall physical and spiritual body.  An egg is inserted into the vagina and kegel exercises are employed over a duration of time to help strengthen your vaginal muscle and keep them tight (especially after you have had a baby and want to "snap it back") to keep the egg inside of you. Some of the other benefits include helping with experiencing stronger orgasms (for you and your partner), the ability to create your own "juices" for comfortable and pleasurable sex and feeling a strong sense of awareness and being in tune with your feminine self and the power.  

The eggs normally cost between $30-$50. Many start with a black obsidian one because this stone is very strong grounding, strengthening and protective. It's very good at removing and grounding present and deep rooted past, negative energy from your aura and protecting you from negativity. It brings up/uproots negative energy and fears we may have surpressed or are underlying and need to be addressed and let go of. With this crystal going inside of one's yoni, it will help to absorb and remove negativity from your womb (bad past sexual experiences, remnants of energy leftover from past lovers, abortions, sexual abuse and shame, etc.) and your soul overall (fear, feelings of frustration and/or self doubt, etc). You do NOT have to start with black obsidian. Pick a stone that you are drawn to, that's the one you need at that time.

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{Image Source: Ashley's Naturals}

Are yoni eggs necessary? There is no one size fits all formula to health and happiness. Everyone must do what resonates best for them. The eggs are not mandatory for your spiritual, physical and feminine health. You can just as easily do kegel exercises to reap the same physical benefits, stand over a fire proof bowl of burning sage to cleanse your yoni of negative energy and meditate with different crystals of your choice to reap the same spiritual benefits, get Reiki done, etc for the spiritual benefits. I just enjoy sharing all the different avenues to choose what resonates with each of us best. There is no one set path to emotional, spiritual, physical and feminine health. Many benefit from using the eggs but it is not a necessary means to an end. I want to use them for both their spiritual/energy, feminine energy and physical benefits. I will share my experiences with you all and if you use yoni eggs or have used them in the past, I'd love to hear your experiences.

Remember, like anything, your mindset and intentions matter when using the eggs. You can view them as disgusting and spooky or as something that can open you to beautiful and positive things. It's totally up to you. I encourage you to do your research before deciding if this is something for you. I've shared some resources below and encourage you to do more digging past what I've shared to make sure it's a good fit literally and figuratively for you. As always, I am not a doctor or OB/GYN of any kind, try this at your own discretion. If you have questions or concerns, it can be a good idea to talk to your doctors FIRST.


Yoni Egg Secrets: The Definitive Guide- got good book reviews as a good intro using and caring for yoni eggs
Organic Blood YouTube channel
China Brooks YouTube channel (I really enjoy her channel on the eggs and other topics)
Makeda Voletta YouTube channel
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Where to Buy Yoni Eggs

Various shops on Etsy- just do a search for "yoni eggs" and a host of shops will come up

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