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{Image Source: Beads by Aree. "Green Journey" hoop earrings}

My love for Beads by Aree is really real. I've been admiring their designs for a few years now. One of these days, I'll treat myself to the "Spaz" hoop earrings that have been on my accessories wish list (still on the living debt free journey) for over a year now. Their signature styles include wire wrapped accessories like earrings, rings and necklaces. If you watch Hello Cupid from Black & Sexy TV, then you'll see their styles have been getting some air time in the 2nd season. How exciting that must be. 

{Image Source: Beads by Aree. "Love" brace ring}

From an artistry stand point, her wire wrapping skills are nice and the creativity and great craftsmanship is in abundance. From a small business owner stand point, how exciting to see your business grow and evolve into beautiful things. From a brown sista standpoint, how awesome to see us realizing our dreams and working in our purpose.

{Image Source: Beads by Aree. "Mama's Collar" necklace}

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