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Feminine and Fit! 💪
{Image Source: Get Fit With Nic}

I love seeing other fit, brown girls like myself to keep me inspired to make my health, fitness and physical appearance a top priority in my life. I'm no stranger to fitness and I've noticed for many years, in the fitness magazines, women of color are largely under represented. Very few of us are shown on fitness magazine covers or in the pages. Being that I create the changes that I want to see, I want to feature brown girls on here who are fit and healthy in all avenues rather your an athlete, competitor, dancer or just someone who enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle.

Today, I'm featuring the lovely personal trainer, Nic B. Many know her as Get Fit With Nic on Instagram and Tumblr. Her strength, fitness level and physique are amazing. I don't know her personally but I really get a lot of inspiration from her IG account and think she has a good spirit. With a slogan, "I can. You can. WE can", I really think she wants to help people. She makes it very clear that what she's done, anyone else can do too with discipline and the desire. Nic doesn't take any supplements, fat burners, protein powders, etc- she just eats healthy and exercises regularly.
Need Motivation to Exercise? I always feel Great Before and After a Great Workout. The reason I said before is because I’m so ampt’d to start and kill it. After Working out, I always have so much energy. Someone success story can be your motivation. If they can do it, you Can do it too. Find someone who has a story that is very inspiring, someone you can relate to on your journey. There’s nothing like Working hard and losing inches. It let’s you know your hard work is paying off. (Stay off the scale) Get a Workout Partner. Someone that has a Goal and Want to see Results just as bad as you do. Hire a Trainer that can help you set your Healthy Fitness goals and give you the proper advice/ routines needed. Music Music Music!!. Music gets me moving. It puts me in the right spirit. Make sure you have the right tunes during your workouts.
{Image Source: Get Fit With Nic}
Besides her inclusive attitude towards health and fitness, what I also love about her is that she DOESN'T weight lift. All her strength and toning comes from her own body weight resistance, the use of resistance bands and simple exercises like squats and running up and down stairs. This is really awesome because it shows that you don't need a gym membership, nor do you need to weight train to be in good shape and have a nice, toned body. She shares tons of nutrition and exercise techniques and information for free on her IG account and her Tumblr account. If you're in the LA area, she's always hosting VERY reasonably cost, group workout sessions for as low as $10 many times. She makes health feel DOABLE and not like it's a luxury for only those privileged enough to have a gym membership or personal trainer. Good health is our birthright and we all can afford to make it a high priority.

Nic is an everyday woman who isn't training to compete. She simply wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoys being active. I think many of us women can relate to this. We're not competing for anything, we simply want to look and feel our best so we can live to experience tons of great things.

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