My 2014 Year End Review

Number 1 taught me to stop asking with modesty for what I wanted. Ask for what I [really] want! I asked for a $4,000 international trip and I received it. 

At most jobs, every year you will have a performance review where you and your supervisor look over the year and assess your accomplishments, what areas you can work on to hone and improve yourself and your skills and you determine what goals you want to set for yourself for the following year. Why should our lives outside of work and households be any different? I've gotten in the habit of meeting with myself and God/the Universe to review my life on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. It keeps me self aware and prevents me from just going through the motions and watching life wiz by me. I plan to hold household meetings every week, month, quarter and year when I have a family of my own. Communication is important rather it's with others or your own self because it creates a platform to identify and discuss observations and devise actions or solutions for them.

I'm going to review and recap 7 of the things I experienced or accomplished this year and share 7 things that I want to accomplish or work on in 2015. I welcome you to review and recap some of the things you experienced this year and what you're striving for in 2015 in the comments.

In 2014 I:

  1. Asked for and received my biggest LOA desire I dared to ask for to date: a trip to South Africa this summer valued at about $4,000. I didn't know where the money was going to come from or how I was going to make it happen. I was actively paying down consumer debt and didn't have virtually any free income to put towards a vacation, let alone an international one. The money found me and I went!
  2. Number 1 taught me to stop asking with modesty for what I wanted. Ask for what I [really] want! I asked for a $4,000 international trip and I received it. 
  3. Became a paid writer writing monthly pieces for the Bodybinds blog. I love writing and this year showed me that I could totally make a living doing something that I'm passionate and blissful about. I started pursuing writing more and would love for it to be one of my dominant careers!
  4. Wrote my first published piece: an e-Booklet for women with fine natural hair of medium to low density. It was a journey filled with excitement, procrastination, fear, doubt and passion but I learned so much and made it happen!
  5. Paid off ALL three of my credit card balances!!! (You saw on my Instagram that I did it this Monday just past.) Going into 2015 with a clean slate!!!
  6. Met a great guy. :)
  7. Saw my makeup artistry and writing businesses grow like crazy!

In 2015 I Want to:
  1. Ask for MORE; the Universe is beckoning me to "bring it on". I want to be unafraid to acknowledge what I truly want and believe that I wholeheartedly deserve what I want, especially the big stuff that I think is too big.
  2. In obedience to number 1, I'm asking for something even bigger than last year! I want to wipe out the (estimated) remaining 17K left on my student loan! 
  3. Fully organize my home. I have a game plan to organize a different room each month starting in February. 
  4. Learn more about and be more in tune with my body and my reproductive system: how to listen to it, how to take better care of it and how to heal it holistically/naturally.
  5. Be able to do a handstand!
  6. Build on increasing my poise and regal energy.
  7. Make money while I'm sleeping.
What are a couple of your life's experiences this year that are in review? What do you want to do and/or have, improve or hone in the new year? They can be big or small. It could be as small as got the kids on a schedule that works for the whole family or resolved a conflict at work and in 2015 you want to dedicate at 30 minutes for yourself each day, week or month doing whatever you want: reading, going for a walk, pampering yourself, etc.

Milan is a New York City based, creative writer and the founder of AGrlCanMAC. She's a self proclaimed accessories junkie who's passionate about healthy living, adventure, books, crystals, the Law of Attraction and arts & crafts. AGrlCanMAC is a resource for women of color all over the world who want to look good, radiate good and feel good at the same damn time.

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Anonymous said…
Hi Milan! Really enjoyed reading your list and it gets me pumped up to see other people be as serious with their goals as I (try) to be hehehe. One of the things I'm proud to have achieved last year was shaving my head after months and months of deliberating and holding on to my hair that I wasn't happy with (not for any particular reason, I was just irritated with it but it was healthy and fluffy) so doing that was liberating and awesome! And one thing I'm looking forward to doing is blogging consistently! I really enjoy writing and making youtube videos and I want to be consistent with that.