Health Tune Up Calendar

I am on an exciting wellness journey and the things that I am learning are blowing my mind, in a good way. I'm gaining way more adoration and respect for the human body. Our bodies are truly expert running machines designed to do awesome shit. Just like any other machine, as it gets older it needs maintenance. In order to have longevity and run at their most optimal performance, our bodies need regular maintenance; occasional tune ups. Maintaining our health is a deliberate and rewarding practice just like maintaining a car or home is. The better maintained a car is, the longer it will run with fewer problems.

I recently felt that I needed to do certain things frequently and came up with an annual schedule for how often I should/wanted to do them. Below are some tune ups I put in place for my health throughout a given year. I'm excited to implement this and I'm sure as the years go on and my knowledge expands, some of these frequencies may be adjusted. That's OK, so long as I do them. These are not to be confused with check ups or doctors visits which are routine progress reports for your health. Do you have calendars for your health? Do your health tune ups include any of the things that mine do?

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Health Tune Ups Calendar

  • Dry brushing- once (or twice) a day before showering
  • Liver detox- once or twice a year
  • Colon/Parasite cleanse- Quarterly
  • Colonic- 2-3 times a year
  • Yoni smudging- 2 times a year; every spring and fall 

You'll notice that my tune ups are centered around helping cleanse and/or detox the body. Even the smudging is about cleansing just on an energetic level. Detoxing/cleansing, I'm learning is very important for the human body this day and age. Our ancestors didn't have many of the stresses we have now (like an image to uphold for our Twitter and Instagram followers) and ate pretty clean: plants and meat whenever they were able to catch it (or afford) it. Meat was a luxury and wasn't consumed in excess like it is now. They also weren't exposed to infrared lights, birth control pills, direct exposure to the sun's rays, meat that was treated with ammonia compounds (pink slime), Kraft Velveeta cheese and cell phones. All this new technology and altered food often times affects our bodies through cancers, digestive issues and chronic disease.

My own personal thoughts are that while our technology and food has evolved some, the physiology of our bodies hasn't. They don't know what to do with all this new stuff being introduced to it and can't always process it fully and clear out the toxins as fast as they're coming. Our body can only clean up so much on its own, it needs our help sometimes. Detoxing can be that help. It intends to unclog what our bodies may not get around to because it's working around the clock just to maintain us.


La x sacha said…
Your hair!!!OMG so gorgeous!!!
You are right,our bodies are like any other machine!I am learning how to take great care of my body by detoxing more often and giving it enough rest!

Great post!Thanks for sharing.
al-x said…
Love this post! I think "tune-ups" can very helpful, I too am trying to clean up the bits of my diet that aren't ideal for me. I'm a vegan, are you? There's quite a bit of vegan junk-food out there and I'm trying to keep it out of my mouth.
I do raw periods of eating too.
There are plenty of vegan restaurants in NYC, but I prefer to make my own food, because of costs and allergies, still practicing.
Milan said…
Hey La x sacha! I'm glad that you enjoyed the post! Given the things that we are exposed to this day and age, routine detoxing is necessary from time to time!

Hi BrownBlossom. Thanks for reading! I'm glad you liked this post. I'm not a vegan. I still eat meat but in moderation and eat mostly vegetables and starches.